Buy your Berber carpet right from the source; from Moroccan women expert in the ancestral art of weaving

Catalogue de tapis berbères
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The following catalogue presents the craftwomen’s creations from severals villages around Ouarzazate; Zaouit Sidi Ahmed, Imzoughen., Timdline …

These craftswomen can make carpets from one of the models presented in the catalogue, according to the size you would like, or according to your own choice of colours and patterns.

Once woven, your rug will be sent directly to your home, either by post or by courier.

The last one ...

The latest Dar Arbalou carpet, woven by the expert hands of Lalla Keltoume.

Measuring 2.43 m x 1.48 m, it bears the magnificence of blue.

Dar Arbalou collection