Berber carpet news

The life of the Berber carpet in Morocco today at the heart of the craftswomen’s life and the rural world.

Le paigne à tisser la laine

Februray 15, 2022

A magnificent carpet woven by a young woman of Berber tradition and gifted with a real talent. A perfect harmony between the colours, here an ecru white with an indigo blue obtained by natural dyeing, and therefore durable.

Tapis berbère design moderne

December 15, 2021

A beautiful encounter between contemporary design and the know-how of the Berber tradition in the art of carpet weaving.

November 1, 2021

Dar Arbalou starts weaving carpets from local wool. A local economy, a rare quality wool, a collective dynamic and the preservation of an ancestral know-how.

Tapis berbère en situation

October 1, 2021

The snow-white carpet woven by Radia has made it to her living space. Measuring 2.50 m x 1.50 m, it occupies its dedicated space with majesty.

July 19, 2021

Another carpet woven by the expert hands of Lalla Keltoume. It carries the magnificence of blue. Size 2,43 m x 1,48 m and available for you.

Tapis berbère Dar Arbalou
Tapis berbère de style Chedwi

July 10, 2021

A new craftswoman has arrived in the village. Lalla Keltoume has mastered weaving since her childhood. Here a Chedwi style carpet is being woven on a dimension of 1 m x 0,5 m.

June 14, 2021

A new Dar Arbalou carpet is being woven, still in the hands of the young craftswomen Samira and Fatma. Berber art in full expression: colours and freshness.

Berber carpet Dar Arbalou
Berber carpet Dar Arbalou

June 13, 2021

The latest Dar Arbalou carpet, woven by the expert hands of Samira and Fatma, has come off the loom. Measuring 2 m x 2 m, it is very soft with its harmony of grey and white. It will soon leave for France.

May 13, 2021

The latest Dar Arbalou finished by the craftswoman Radia. Not really Berber inspired: it was ordered from France. But this magnificent carpet expresses once again all the expertise of the women of Morocco and their sincere passion for weaving – Dimension 2 m x 1,50 m.

Tapis berbère aux motifs modernes

April 24, 2021

A new Dar Arbalou carpet is about to start weaving in the hands of the craftswoman Radia. Morocco can be proud of one of its greatest assets: the talent and expertise of its traditional Berber women.

April 18, 2021

A very beautiful carpet has just come out of the craftswoman Radia’s hands. With a size of 2 m x 1.5 m and all in whiteness. Discretion and elegance. A Dar Arbalou order which will soon leave for France. 

Coupe de la chaine d'un tapis berbère
Tapis berbère de type Beni Ouarain
The Berber carpet woven in family

April 8, 2021

The star rug woven by Samira has met with deserved success. A new Dar Arbalou order came for a second one with a smaller size of 1m x 0.70m.

March 30, 2021

The latest Dar Arbalou woven by the craftswoman Samira. Size 2 m x 1.50 m. Made in natural wool, that is to say untreated and off-white in color, sprinkled with colored stars. The sweetness of authenticity

Coup du tapis berbère arc-en-ciel
Berber carpet

March 23, 2021

Fatima, after finishing her Glaoui style carpet, began weaving a new work, according to the Azilal style, size 2 m x 1.50 m. A delicacy of colors and freshness in Amazigh fashion.

March 17, 2021

The latest Dar Arbalou carpet: an original creation by the craftswoman Khadija from a little village near Ouarzazate. Size 1 m x 1.50 m. It perfectly illustrates the know-how and the sense of harmony mastered by these women of Amazigh tradition.

Coup du tapis berbère arc-en-ciel
Tapis berbère arc-en-ciel

March 11, 2021

A new Dar Arbalou rug has arrived at its final destination in France. A beautiful soft piece of more than 5 m2 woven by the craftswoman Fatouma for nearly four weeks.

Tapis berbère en tissage

March 1, 2021

The first Azilal-style rug has completed its gestation in the hands of the craftswoman. Now is the time to cut the threads of his warp. An always important moment, almost sacred …

Coupe de la chaine d'un tapis berbère
Tapis berbère Dar Arbalou de style Azilal
Tapis berbère de style Boucherouite

February 20, 2021

A magnificent Boucherouite-type carpet, new, discovered in a village of Aït Zineb and made by Khadija. Solid and flexible at the same time, soft and robust… the Amazigh world in itself.

Size : 240 cm x 150 cm

Tapis berbère de style Boucherouite

February 16, 2021

The second Dar Arbalou carpet is finished. He has left his loom and is ready to leave for France. A Glaoui-style carpet, 5 m long, the fruit of the beautiful tradition of Aït Ouaouzguite and the expert hands of Fatima, proud bearer of the Berber heritage in Morocco.

Tapis de style Glaoui du projet Dar Arbalou
Tapis berbère de la région d'Ouarzazate

February 10, 2021

After a 17-day journey in its parcel delivered by the Post Office, the first Dar Arbalou rug has arrived safely in France. He has found his place …

The art of Berber women in Morocco shines a little more.

Colis d'un tapis berbère

January 16, 2021

Start of the weaving of a new carpet ordered by Andreas from Switzerland (5m x 1m 10): Glaoui style carpet woven by Fatouma Bamoussa.

Le métier à tisser le tapis berbère

Januray 2, 2021

The weaving of the carpet is progressing …

Tapis berbère en cours de tissage
Montage de la chaine du premier tapis Dar Arbalou
Montage de la chaine du tapis berbère

December 22, 2020

Khadija begins weaving the first carpet ordered from the new Dar Arbalou service.

Beni Ouarain style and measuring 2.30m x 1.70m, the weaving should be spread over 2 weeks to the rhythm of Khadija’s days.